The intercom model ESG-500 (unit) and ESG-600 (handset) is a two-wire system that can be used for buildings with a capacity of up to 256 apartments.

  • These systems can automatically disconnect short or pluck in the exact location and restore entire building to service immediately.

  • Tenants can operate intercom only after visitor rings up and activates the system. Only after pressing push button "Talk/Listen" can tenants open entrance door. If by accident, push buttons "Door" or "Talk/Listen" should get stuck, MPU will disconnect this apartment and restore building to service immediately.


The ESG-500 Intercom system can be used with ESG-500 (plastic) or ESG-500S (stainless steel) two wire, two push button apartment station. The ESG-600 two-wire Intercom system can be used with a plastic specially designed handset (handset is available only in white).

  • Advanced design apartment station and electronic board.
  • High quality electronic parts.
  • A specially designed amplifier that provides clear audio in both directions.
  • Operation at the same time of up to two doors release, including magnetic lock.
  • Adjustable volume and time delay for the ring-up and door release.
  • Two tone-generators (for a ring up and private doorbell) with different sounds.
  • Low voltage operation.
  • Add one (1) common wire for a private doorbell.
  • All wiring should be tin/copper type, 22 AWG, unless otherwise noted.

Both systems will be completed with the customized stainless steel vandal-resistant vestibule panels equipped with the vandal-resistant keypad consisting of 12 push buttons. (Each key has the operation of 4 million cycles). ESG-500 and ESG-600 both have a special short circuit react system. This system will automatically detect a short or pluck and disconnect it from the exact apartment, restoring the building back to service immediately. Option: ESG-535/635 a fully-automatic intercom system with modem, offers the capability to receive all information on how intercom system is working, and the number of times any given apartment opens the entrance door. From your computer printout, you can see the date and time the entrance door was opened from each apartment.


At our factory all electronic boards will be installed in a metal box. Wires will be connected to the modular jack block. A vestibule panel can be installed with two options:

  • A vestibule panel with a directory.
  • A vestibule panel with a bright back light LCD.


circuit board



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