Tempered Glass

Attractive and Secure

All tempered glass entrances are fabricated using quality TemPLUS products. Our entrances are hand crafted and polished, fully prepped and ready to install. We offer quick service whether you need new entrances or repair for existing ones. We can supply all glass patch-fitting systems for a variety of applications. We will also supply any necessary brake metal and panic hardware for all of our TemPLUS glass entrances. We also supply all types of closers to use as well as a variety of handles requiring both two and three holes. Our TemPLUS is approximately four times stronger than annealed glass of the same size and thickness. 

It is more resistant to thermally induced stresses, windloading and hail stone impacts. Every piece of tempered glass must display a permanent proof of passing these tests. By using tempered glass etched with the TemPlus mark, you are assured of the highest quality tempered glass available.



ESG - Tempered Glass



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