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Audio/Video Intercom System

Audio/Video Intercom System

Enterprise Service Group is a leading security company and intercom installer based in Brooklyn. We specialize in installation, upgrade, replacement, repair and maintenance of audio/video intercom systems from the world’s most trusted brands, including Comelit, Aiphone, Siedle and others. Whether you own a residential building, a commercial building or even a hospital, we have solutions that will heighten the everyday security of the premises.

We offer a wide selection of intercom systems:

  • Audio/Video Intercom Systems
  • Wireless (IP Based) or Wired Intercom Systems
  • Telephone Entry Systems
  • Doorbell Buzzer Systems
  • Room to Room Intercom

ESG Systems

At Enterprise Service Group, we are proud to introduce our systems to you. ESG Systems are designed to meet all of your needs. ESG intercom systems feature:

  • High Sensitivity.
  • A Special amplifier design that provides clear audio in both directions.
  • It can be operated with two different door releases.
  • An adjustable volume and door release timer, etc.
  • Unless the tenant communicates with the visitor, the tenant cannot release the door *added safety feature*

ESG-350 vestibule panel can be used with any kind of intercom system. ESG-500 (unit), ESG-600 (handset) and ESG-800 (doorman) are the fully automatic intercom systems, equipped with a self-test feature that allows you to check your system whenever you wish, and it informs a service technician of the exact location of the troubleshooting zone. Also, you have the option of changing any code or name whenever you wish as well as altering the ring-up and communication time. ESG-700 (unit) and ESG-900 (handset) semi-automatic intercom systems have options unlike any other intercom system. We also manufacture brand new masterpieces described as follows:

  • E.S.Guard: An electronic board for the roof alarms. Can be used with or without passive infrared intrusion detector.
  • ESG-ML: A special timer for the magnetic lock.
  • ESG-701: An electronic board that automatically disconnects a shorted line.

Video Intercom System/IP Systems

Video intercoms use security cameras to capture footage of visitors at the entryway. This footage is displayed on an interior monitor, letting admins see and speak to guests before letting them in. In door intercom systems with door release, users can press a button to remotely unlock the door for visitors.

Comelit HFX System

This system is the perfect solution for a small residential building that allows up to 4 users while having the option of using a smartphone to allow entry to the premises. What stands out about this system is, it only needs two wires to operate each apartment station which enables you to reuse the existing wiring with no problem unlike traditional video systems that use 4 wires.

Comelit Ultra

Ultra is designed to adapt to the most diverse applications, from individual homes to large residential complexes. The analogue entrance panel is perfect for huddles of buildings such as villas and small apartment blocks, and its modular nature means that buttons can be added to fully satisfy residential requirements. The touchscreen version, the number keypad (which can be used to make calls as well as enter classic lock-release codes) and the digital directory are the ideal solutions for easy navigation of complexes encompassing hundreds of apartments.

Aiphone GT Series

Tenants or guards can quickly and easily identify visitors before granting them entry into their building. With a variety of sleek and modern entry, tenant and guard stations, it’s easy to meet the security needs of the building and the budget. When tenants change, property managers can make directory updates directly to the system using NFC technology or logging in remotely using a VPN.

Aiphone IXG Series IP Multi-Tenant Video

A sophisticated, yet simple way to connect a variety of mixed-use buildings, the IXG Series is a complete network-based communication solution with unlimited possibilities for any multi-tenant security application. All powered by a single, full-featured system property owners can rely on, and can rely on for years to come. In many cases, owners have unique buildings with mixed-use environments and want a streamlined, sophisticated way to provide an all-encompassing security solution throughout their entire complex.


This next generation intercom system is the latest systems to hit the market and offer a wide range of features. The fully digital systems allow you to call tenants remotely from the panel, assign access codes to delivery personnel, send out a QR to an anticipated guest for easier access and even offers facial recognition as a way of entry.

Telephone Entry System

A telephone entry system works by providing telephone communication between a visitor and a tenant in a residential or commercial building via phone. When a visitor needs access to a building, they look up the tenant they would like to call using the telephone entry system’s directory. Telephone entry systems cut all the hassle of running wires throughout the building to each apartment and is much easier when it comes to servicing!

DoorKing 1802

The DKS 1802 Series are an ideal Telephone Entry System that is suited for applications that have limited space and can be used in residential as well as commercial applications. Visitors are easily identified by voice communication and can be granted or denied access directly from a touch-tone telephone.

The 1802 Standard is best suited for applications that do not require a directory, or in applications where a separate directory exists.

DoorKing 1834

The 1834 90 Series stores up to 3000 phone numbers and can control two (2) access points. The 90 Series housing offers a streamlined look, has enhanced locking and weather sealing and provides easy internal installation of optional components such as a card reader, LCD heater and TCP/IP adapter for a direct internet connection.

Mircom TX3-200-4U-C

Mircom’s TX3 Slim Line Telephone Access Systems are designed to provide primary resident/visitor access control for small condominiums, apartment buildings, office buildings, gated communities and industrial buildings with up to 200 residents or users. The slim design is ideal for applications with limited space, or for applications where a separate directory exists or is not required.

The Universal Series enclosure is constructed of a heavy gauge stainless steel and can be used in a lobby or outdoors. Surface, semi-flush or pedestal mount applications are supported. The Universal Series enclosure features a built-in rain hood, microphone, tamper resistant speaker and has provisions for a postal lock and color camera to be installed.

Mircom TX3-TOUCH-F22-E

Mircom’s 22″ Touch Telephone Access System is designed to provide a visually stunning and intuitive user-experience.

  • Full customizable solution for occupant and visitor access control in condominiums, apartment buildings, office buildings, gated communities and industrial buildings
  • 22″ full color touch display provides ultra-wide viewing angles, sure to impress visitors and occupants alike
  • Runs a reliable and proven Windows-based operating system to offer the most feature rich system on the market
  • Variety of programming options available via built-in USB or Ethernet ports, to meet your specific site requirements
  • Available in flush and surface mounts

Linear AE-100

The AE-100 Commercial Single Door Telephone Entry System is designed for use as a primary access control device for apartments, condominiums, and offices with up to 125 residents.

The system can be used in a lobby or outside. Surface, recessed, and pedestal mounting options are supported. The system utilizes full duplex telephone communications between visitors and residents for granting access.