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Roof Alarms

Roof Alarms

At Enterprise Service Group, we manufacture and assemble our own roof alarm in house. This will stop any unauthorized personnel from accessing the roof by setting off an alarm when the sensor picks up motion. Aside from the alarm we manufacture, we also stock a variety of other alarms!

E.S. Guard Roof Alarm

E.S.Guard Roof Alarm is absolutely independent and it is designated for security of roof entrances or office. This system can be used with one or two motion detectors or different sensors with normal close (NC) contacts.


  • Built in Receiver
  • A timer with a time delay circuit for automatic reset
  • Power supply with an option for a rechargeable battery
  • 8 Jumpers for adjustment of time delay and codes.
  • LED and audio indication of ON & OFF position. (In the position ON –2 beeps, and OFF- 1 beep).
  • Easy installation and troubleshooting.


  • Can be adjusted from 10 seconds to 20 minutes.


CIRCUIT RECEIVER  -Type: Super – Regenerative AM.  -Frequency: 300 MHz  -Sensitivity: 1 mV/m.  -Input: N.C.  -Output: Siren 12 VDC, 25VA, l20dB.  -Rechargeable battery: 12V, 1,3Ah (Option)  -Power: 16VAC, 30VA.  -Dimensions: 3″X3 1/4″.

TRANSMITTER  -Circuit type: Super – Regenerative.  -Frequency: 300MHz.  -Operating current: 6, 6mA.  -Power supply: 12VDC (23A tape battery).  -Operating temperature: 0* C to 40* C.  -Dimensions: W 11/4″, H 2″, D 1/2,” Weight 0.4oz.

Detex ECL-230D

The ECL-230D is a code compliant, battery alarmed, rugged dead bolt, panic device with steel plate and photo-luminescent sign providing managed security and a 100 decibel alarm for secondary exits.


  • Attack resistant design withstands over 2200 lbs. of outside pull force
  • Single point, 1″ throw dead bolt
  • 100 decibel alarm, powered by 9-volt battery
  • Durable steel plate with photo luminescent sign absorbs light to then “glow in the dark” when lights are dimmed
  • Locking and unlocking the dead bolt always arms and disarms the alarm
  • Easy to see if the lights go out

Detex Exit Alarm with Battery (EB)

The EB is designed for primary and secondary exits that require an alarmed panic device.  The 100 decibel alarm will sound when someone attempts to exit, alerting management to the unauthorized exit.  Available in various configurations, the EB provides security while meeting all life safety concerns, offering an exceptional value. Also available weatherized.


  • Heavy-duty ribbed aluminum rail extrusion
  • Priced to be the best value for durable and attractive loss prevention panic hardware
  • Alarmed Exit Device powered by standard 9-volt battery
  • Single mortise cylinder (sold separate) provides arming and dogging
  • Armed and disarmed field selectable status indicator

Detex EAX-500

The EAX-500 is designed for applications that require a battery-powered alarm on secured doors. The alarm, with approximately 100dB, will sound when someone attempts an unauthorized exit. The redesigned shape and smaller size of the EAX-500 makes it the choice for quick and easy installations on emergency exit and restricted doors. Also available weatherized.


  • Low cost, self-contained door alarm with piezo horn that sounds to warn unauthorized use of a door or gate
  • Tapered cover allows for installation on narrow stile doors
  • Intelligent circuit senses the external magnet location automatically and sets the correct door handing
  • Alarm can only be silenced by proper control key
  • 100 dB piezo alarm
  • Secure, tamper resistant housing
  • 9VDC battery operated with Low Battery Alert
  • LED visual and audible arming indicators